Sierra Cascades Bike Tour

Hi friends! I’m about to embark on a solo two month bike tour from the border of Canada to Mexico via the Sierra Cascades route. I’ll be stopping throughout the tour to experience some of the best rock climbing and mountaineering in the country. I’m carrying rock climbing and mountaineering gear on Daisy, my touring bike/metal steed.

The Route

For the most part, I will be following the Adventure Cycling Association’s Sierra Cascades Route with my own detours to visit major volcanoes and climbing areas. This route has a reputation of being pretty hard, with an abundance of 4000-5000 ft passes to keep the ego in check and legs burning. Below is a very general map to show my approximate route.

But why?

I came up with this idea two winters ago, after I broke my leg in a backcountry skiing accident. In January 2018, a surgeon put me back together with a metal rod through my tibia and two screws to hold it in place. In February of 2019, I had another surgery to remove both screws, which had been interfering with daily function. I feel stronger than ever before.

To me, this bike tour is a celebration of my body and where it takes me. These legs have taken me up limestone spires in Mexico, frozen waterfalls in Montana, and peaks in Canada. I can’t be grateful enough to be healthy again, and you bet your buns that I’m going to live this life to the fullest.


I have a history of being ambitious, and this trip is no exception. Here’s what I’m hoping to have accomplished by September 1:

  • Bike border to border
  • Climb some volcanoes
  • Climb some rocks
  • Come back in one piece, both physically and mentally

These past few months I’ve been practicing crevasse rescue systems, reading about glacier travel, and having long talks with experienced friends about everything else in between. I’m planning on climbing Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Lassen. Fingers crossed for Mt. Rainier and Mt. Whitney, which would be the cherries on top of this trip.